Mountain Lion

Runner Attacked By Mountain Lion, Survives Using Self Defense

A man in Fort Collins, Colorado was forced to kill a mountain lion that attacked him out of self-defense.
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Bull Moose

[VIDEO] Moose Charges Toward Skiers At A Colorado Resort

A woman posted a video a moose charging toward her and friends while skiing at Colorado resort.
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[VIDEO] Woman In 'Rudolph' Costume Gets Caught On Camera Robbing A Store

Someone is definitely in the naughty list!
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Snowball fight

Town Lifts Ban On Snowball Fights After 9-Year-Old Says It’s Good For Kids

The town of Severance, Colorado lifted their ban on snowball fights after a 9-year-old spoke to the towns board members.
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Creepy Clown

Principal Chases Down Creepy Clown That Was Scaring Students After School

A student in a clown mask had been chasing kids on their way home from school in Aurora, Colorado.
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T-Shirt Cannon

College Mascot Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Groin With A T-Shirt Cannon

No matter how bad you think you're day is going, there is no way you feel worse than Chip the Buffalo, the official mascot for the University of Colorado.
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black bear in the woods

A Bear Entered The Lobby Of The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel had unexpected guest check-in in the middle of the night.
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Wind Gusts In Colorado Sends A Port-A-Potty Flying Into The Air

[Watch] video is going viral that shows Port-a-potties flying up in the air during a random wind storm.
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National Monument, Rocks, Outdoors

Teen Vandalizes National Monument With Graffiti "Promposal"

We know teens these days are trying to come up with more and more creative ways to ask their crush to prom. If we can, let's try to avoid graffiti, please.
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[VIDEO] Life Size T-Rex Caught On Fire At A Colorado Theme Park

Video of Gone extinct: Animatronic T-Rex bursts into flames You remember about Big Tex going up on flames back in 2012. Well this Colorado dinosaur theme park had its T-Rex up on flames. Zach Reynolds, co-owner of the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Colorado, says the animatronic was smoldered...
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