Cat, Pawprint, Snow, Frozen, Cold

Animal Clinic Miraculously Revives Cat Nearly Frozen To Death

Fluffy was found nearly frozen to death, covered from head to tail in ice and snow.
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Frozen Trees, Small River

It’s So Cold, Hell Has Frozen Over

It’s dangerously cold up in the Midwest.
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"Elsa" Arrested By Illinois Police For Bringing Subzero Temperatures To The Midwest

The Midwest has been hit by a colossal polar vortex that's dropping temperatures as low as -26.
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IKEA, Facade, Store, Entrance, Parking Lot

IKEA Allowing Stray Dogs To Sleep Inside Store During Cold Winter Nights

An IKEA store wants to make sure the stray dogs in its area have a warm place to sleep during the harsh winter months.
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Winter, Thermometer, Temperature

Almanac Predicts "Stinging Cold" Winter For Texas

We know it's hard to think about winter at a time like this.
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Sonic Offering Pickle Juice Slushes Starting Monday

Sonic, home of delicious food and the best ice in the world, is starting a new venture Monday with the launch of a brand new drink. The chain will debut the Pickle Slush on Monday, to satisfy all your pickle needs we guess. Calling all pickle lovers! The Pickle Juice Slush is coming this Monday,...
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Prisoners Are Knitting Sweaters For Chickens Because It's Too Cold!

Prisoners at the Washington Corrections Center for Women have taken to knitting tiny little sweaters for tiny little chickens because's cold outside.
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It's So Cold In Florida, Frozen Iguanas Are Falling From The Trees

If you live in Florida, it's rare you ever experience "cold" weather.
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Canada Zoo Moves Penguins Indoors Because... It's Too Cold

Even creatures who consider ice their friend are saying "brrrrrrr!"
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