Teacher's Emotional Video Shows Attempt to Set Up Classroom Amid Coronavirus

Teachers across the country have shared their honest fears of returning to the classroom as the back-to-school debate continues. An educator shared a video of her attempt to set up a classroom amid coronavirus.
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Teacher Dies of Coronavirus After Sharing Classroom With Colleagues Who Also Tested Positive

Three teachers in Arizona who shared a classroom for a summer school course all tested positive for COVID-19. One teacher has died from the deadly virus.
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Substitute Teacher Accidentally Plays Pornography For 30 Seconds During History Class

A substitute teacher in Dearborn, Michigan was just trying to show his seventh grade history class a video about Lewis and Clark.
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Texas Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Issuing $5,000 Raises For All Texas Teachers

Senate Bill 3 received a unanimous vote from the Texas Senate earlier this week, which will issue $5,000 raises annually for all teachers in the Lone Star State.
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School Teacher Accused Of Sneaking Wine Into Classroom Finds Overwhelming Support Online

Shannon Beran is a 43-year-old teacher from Deville, LA.
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Images Of Mickey Mouse Banned From Pre-School, To Be Replaced By Pictures Of Military Heroes

Sorry, kids. Mickey Mouse has got to go.
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