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The World's Fastest Lawnmower Hits 100 MPH In Just 6 Seconds

Believe it or not, Honda's latest lawnmower is faster than a Ferrari.
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13-Year-Old Sells Xbox, Does Enough Yard Work To Surprise Single Mom With A Car

Krystal Preston didn’t know what to say.
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Mother Keeps Wi-Fi Password Secret Until Her Kids Have Done All Their Chores

Kids today are so tech-obsessed it's crazy.
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Mom Holds The WiFi Password Hostage

Genius Mom Holds The WiFi Password Hostage

Ok working parents, if your kids are home for the summer...take notes!
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Doing the Dishes (or NOT) Is the Chore That's Most Likely to Ruin Your Relationship

Hey, fellas, take our advice: clean up the dirty dishes that are sitting your sink this weekend.
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