Texas Couple Creates Whataburger Themed Chicken Coop

After moving into the country, one Texas couple was missing the luxuries and scenery of city life.
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Chickens in Wylie

Will The City Of Wylie Soon Allow Chickens In Backyards?

Wylie resident Celia Lemons saying she wasn't aware the city of Wylie doesn't allow people to have chickens, while the law prohibiting such has been in place since 1987.
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Dinosaurs, T-Rex, Triceratops

Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs In Five Years

The secret lies with chickens.
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Prisoners Are Knitting Sweaters For Chickens Because It's Too Cold!

Prisoners at the Washington Corrections Center for Women have taken to knitting tiny little sweaters for tiny little chickens because's cold outside.
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Chickens Run Loose All Over California Highway

How did the chickens cross the road? They didn't, the police officer picked them up. A cage with close to 20 chickens fell from a truck driving down the 605 Tuesday morning in California. All lanes were slowed down by the chickens according to CBS Los Angles. A highway patrol officer and motorcycle...
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