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Paul Hogan To Return As Crocodile Dundee In ‘The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee’

With all the sequels and reboots being made today, Paul Hogan has decided to step back into the shoes of his most iconic role, but not in the way most are expecting. It had been rumored for some time that Hogan was set to reprise his role as Crocodile Dundee in an upcoming reboot.
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AMC Theatres To Show ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ To Celebrate Film’s 30th Anniversary

As Christmas approaches, many will begin watching their favorite holiday themed films in anticipation of the big day. Luckily, for those whose favorite is ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,’ AMC Theatres will be showing the film next month to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.
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Austin Veteran Tries To Save Man Hanging From Roof; Turns Out To Be “Christmas Vacation” Inspired Decoration

A veteran named Alfred was walking through his Austin neighborhood when he noticed what appeared to be a man in distress.
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