chicken nugget

Vegan Files Charges Against Friends Who Tricked Her Into Eating A Chicken Nugget

Pranks can be all in good fun, but sometimes it can go too far.
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25-Year-Old Pretended To Be 17 To Get Onto Dallas High School Basketball Team

The 25-year-old is also currently facing charges of indecency with a child.
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Grand Jury Indicts Rose McGowan For Cocaine Possession

Monday June 11, 2018, actress Rose McGowan was indicted by a grand jury on a felony count of cocaine possession.
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Founder Of H-E-B Arrested, Sentenced For Child Pornography

Founder of San Antonio - based H-E-B, Morgan Campbell will serve 10 years for child pornography. The 63-year-old was indicted back in 2016 on 61 child pornography charges. The 10 years he will serve was broken down by 2 years with 6 counts and the other 8 years was on 43 counts. Back in October...
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