After Receiving Customer Complaints, Winter Wonderland Frisco Makes Major Changes

If something is promoted online, it better be truthful or the internet will go on the attack. That’s what Winter Wonderland Frisco recently dealt with after customer complained of false advertisements. Since the complaints, the holiday park has reduced prices and changed their website.
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New Category Announced For 2019 Oscars

Starting in 2019, the Oscars are going to be just a bit different.
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one way street

Four Streets In Fort Worth's West 7th District Become One-Way Streets

Some changes coming to Fort Worth's West 7th District you need to know about.
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Costco Changing Foot Court Menu To Healthier Options

If you love Costco's chocolate frozen yogurt, bbq brisket sandwhich, or the the chili and Polish hot dog... times... are-a-changin'!
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Like How Your News Feed Looks Now? Facebook Will Be Changing That

Your News Feed might start looking different soon.
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