P. Diddy Changes His Name Again

Don't call him Diddy, because Sean Combs won't answer back if you do anymore.
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McDonald's Shortens Late-Night Menu

Changes are coming for their late-night menu
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Women Who Fall In Love Will Literally Change Their Bodies, Study Says

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Girl, First Grade, Student, Writing

Mom Wants To Change 4-Year-Old Daughter's Name Because It's "So Common"

A mother in the U.K. is frustrated with her four-year-old daughter.
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Chickens in Wylie

Will The City Of Wylie Soon Allow Chickens In Backyards?

Wylie resident Celia Lemons saying she wasn't aware the city of Wylie doesn't allow people to have chickens, while the law prohibiting such has been in place since 1987.
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IHOP Just Announced They're Changing Their Name To IHOB And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Tuesday June 5, 2018, long time favorite breakfast chain IHOP announced some pretty big news.
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Twitter,Data,Leak,Passwords,Explosed,Change,Social Media,Glitch,100.3 Jack FM

Twitter Is Urging Users To Change Their Passwords

Twitter has asked users to change their passwords after their servers experienced a massive glitch.
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