Central Texas

Bullet Train

Interior Designs For Dallas-Houston High-Speed Rail Line Revealed

Central Texas has given us a glimpse inside the High-Speed Rail Line that could connect Dallas and Houston.
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Half-Male, Half-Female Cardinal Spotted In Central Texas

This is one beautiful bird!
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Gender reveal cake

The Internet Is Calling This The Worst Gender Reveal Party Yet

A couple from central Texas used a hippo from the local zoo to announce the gender of their baby.
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[PHOTO] Party-Goer In San Marcos Steals Patrol Car, Goes On Joy Ride

Well isn't this something
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Skies Lit Up In Central Texas As Leonid Meteor Shower Begins

The Leonid meteor shower has begun, as many are reporting around Texas that they have seen parts of the meteor shower light up the night sky. Expected throughout the weekend, The Leonid meteor shower is expecting to hit its peak on Saturday.
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