Man, Chess, Board, Queen

Chess Grandmaster Caught Cheating While Sitting On The Toilet During A Tournament

58-year-old Igors Rausis has had a meteoric rise in the world of competitive chess.
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Businessman, Lying On Ground, Shoes

Cameras Capture Man Throwing Ice On The Ground And Faking Fall In Attempted Insurance Scam

57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky laid there until he was found by one of his coworkers.
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Tarantula, Spider, Branch

Mexico Restaurant Caught Serving Protected Tarantula Tacos

Would you ever consider eating a tarantula taco?
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Marijuana, Plant, Grow House

Man Carrying Marijuana Plant Sprints Away After Walking Into Live News Shot (Video)

Police in Hoath, near Canterbury, England recently busted a major cannabis factory, operating from a Kent neighborhood cottage.
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[VIDEO] Intense Road Rage Caught On Camera In Florida

Video of Video shows road rage incident in Sarasota, driver intentionally rams motorcyclist off road In the video seen here, you can see a motocyclist and a driver arguing while driving on a Florida street. Seen in the video, the two peope were exchanging words, until the motocyclist hits the Mazda...
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