The Internet’s Newest Debate: Is This A Bird Or A Bunny?

The internet loves a good debate. First it was the color of a dress, next was the audio clip. Now, there is a new debate that the internet can’t seem to agree on. In a new video, people are arguing if the animal in the clip is a bird or a bunny.
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Watch: Video Of A Brawling Easter Bunny Going Viral

A video from Sunday night of a brawl in Orlando, FL involving the Easter Bunny is quickly going viral.
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An Easter Bunny Riding A Longhorn Is The Most Texas Thing You Will See Today

Nothing says Easter like a man in a bunny suit riding down the street on a Texas longhorn.
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English Bulldog

Cadbury Picks Henri The English Bulldog To Be The New Cadbury Bunny

Cadbury held a competition to see which animal could be the next Cadbury bunny, and the winner was an adorable English Bulldog from North Carolina.
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