McDonald's Just Took A Cue From 'Seinfeld' With Their New Menu Item

Does anyone remember that episode of ''Seinfeld'' when Elaine had the idea about selling muffin tops?
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Chicken Sandwich

There Is A Secret Menu At Chick-Fil-A

Treat yourself to a few off menu items next time you feel like going to Chick-Fil-A here in DFW.
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Pancakes, Dripping Syrup

International House Of Burgers, IHOP Makes Name Change Official

IHOP dropped the biggest news of the summer when they announced they would be changing their name.
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IHOP Just Announced They're Changing Their Name To IHOB And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Tuesday June 5, 2018, long time favorite breakfast chain IHOP announced some pretty big news.
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Pancakes, Syrup, Butter

Teacher Fired After Making Pancakes For Students During Standardized Testing

For many of Kyle Byler's students, those whole grain pancakes would be the only hot meal they'd receive that day.
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McDonald's, Restaurant, Fast Food

Wrong Breakfast Sandwich Makes Woman Shove Teen McDonald's Employee Into Fryer (Video)

Apparently, they gave her sausage instead of bacon on her sandwich.
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Cereal, Breakfast, Food

Family Accidentally Eats 21-Year-Old Cereal Purchased At Wal-Mart

Josiah and Andrea Carelse thought their Quaker Oats cereal tasted a bit funny. Video of Family buys a 21-year-old box of cereal
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Pizza for Breakfast is Healthier Than Most Cereal

Who's going to argue with pizza for breakfast. We've all had those mornings where we just can't help but eat a slice of last nights pizza. Apparently eating pizza for is a lot healthier than eating most brands of cereal. The Daily Meal asked a health nutritionist which is the best option for...
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Doughnut Milkshakes Being Added To Krispy Kreme Menu

Well it's official. Krispy Kreme might just be the greatest doughnut chain to exist, especially after what they just announced they are adding to their menu. Milkshakes. And not just any milkshake, doughnut milkshakes. “A doughnut you can drink! We took an Original Glazed doughnut & turned it...
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