Break in


[Video] Man Breaks Into Taco Bell And Cooks Himself A Meal Before Taking A Nap

Taco Bell was pretty much made for late night eating, but if your local chain is closed, it’s probably best to find somewhere else to eat. One man in Georgia didn’t seem to like that option, as surveillance footage shows a man breaking into a Taco Bell and making himself a meal, before taking a nap.
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San Diego Padres starting pitcher Jacob Nix

MLB Player in Major trouble

The San Diego Padres pitcher Jacob Nix was kicked and tased after he was caught crawling through a doggy door of a home in Arizona this weekend.
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[Video] Dash Cam Records “Priceless” Moment Man Attempts To Break Into Car

There is nothing worse than having your car get broken into and valuables stolen from inside. Luckily, cars are starting to add surveillance cameras for situations just like this.
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Taylor Swift

Stalker Who Broke Into Taylor Swift's Beach House Found Barefoot Because He Wanted To Be Polite

Just because someone might be a creepy stalker doesn't mean they don't have manners.
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[Video] Black Bear Breaks Into Women’s Bathroom At Hotel In Montana

Most hotels located near forests know how to keep bears away from the property, but when a bear manages to break in, and gets stuck in the bathroom, there isn’t exactly protocol on how to handle that.
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Bear sitting on sofa

Hungry Bear Raids Refrigerator Of Family's Truckee Vacation Home

Two teens witness when a hungry bear breaks into a family's vacation home and raids their refrigerator. He helps himself to some ice cream and taco meat.
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Alligator sign

Woman Finds Giant Alligator In Her kitchen At 3 In The Morning

Police in Clearwater, Florida received a call about a break at 3 AM; turned out to be an alligator breaking in someone's kitchen.
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Man, Janitor, Cleaning, Carpet, Living Room, Vacuuming, Blue Jumpsuit

Man Says Intruder Broke Into His Home, Stole Nothing, Cleaned, And Left

A Massachusetts man is still trying to piece together this odd home invasion.
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Guy Getting Arrested

Dallas Woman Thought Her Boyfriend Had Climbed Into Bed With Her, Turns Out To Be A Complete Stranger

A woman in South Dallas thought her boyfriend had climbed into bed with her on Friday night, turned out to be a complete stranger that walked into the wrong home.
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guy in a gorilla mask

Guy Broke Into A House While Wearing A Gorilla Suit

Police received reports of a person in an all black suit looking through windows in a Louisiana neighborhood.
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