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The Human Brain Has The Capacity To Store And Remember 5 Million Books

The human brain has power and capacity almost ten times greater than we initially thought.
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Geniuses Find Limiting Screen Time And Increasing Sleep Improves Cognitive Abilities Of Children

A groundbreaking study from the National Institutes of Health has found that limiting screen time and increasing physical activity and sleep in children actually improves brain function.
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Teen Went Under Brain Surgery 24 Times, Graduates With His Class

Graduation season is almost coming to a close, where friends and family watch their loved ones graduating from high school or college, but this student has a special accomplishment. Nicholas from North Carolina, graduates one of the top of his class, after undergoing 24 brain surgeries. Nick deals...
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Company Plans To Freeze Live Human Brains

Company Plans To Freeze Live Human Brains For Future Info

Technology Review reports Robert McIntyre, co-founder of Nectone, a high-tech startup company, is working on a way to preserve all of the brain's information. On McIntyre's website, the MIT graduate says, "What if we told you we could back up your mind?" Part of Nectone's plan, is to freeze the...
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If Listening To Music Sends Chills Down Your Spine, Then Your Brain Is Special!

Music has the incredible power to illicit a reaction from your body, sending a rush of euphoria and chills down your spine anytime your favorite song comes on the radio.
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