[Video] Man Grew A Giant Pumpkin, And Then Turned It Into A Boat

There are many things that can be done with a giant pumpkin, but turning that pumpkin into a boat probably doesn’t come to mind for too many people. Still, that didn’t stop a man in Tennessee after he grew a 910 pound pumpkin.
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Whale Shark Swimming

[VIDEO] Fishermen Spot A Whale Shark Off The Texas Coast

A group of fishermen had no idea that they would see a whale shark while fishing in South Texas.
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Coast Guard, Ship, Storm, Ocean

Crazy Video Shows US Coast Guard Boarding A Homemade Submarine Smuggling Drugs

Last month, the US Coast Guard caught up to a "homemade" submarine thought to be smuggling drugs.
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Check Out The Footage The Moment A Boat Was Struck By Lightning And Caught Fire

Someone was recording a video during a thunderstorm in Boston and caught the moment a boat was struck by lightning.
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Great White Shark

Massive Great White Shark Stuns Fisherman Has It Approaches His Boat

While fishing 30 miles off the New Jersey coast a fisherman and his crew encountered a great white shark.
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Great White, Shark, Attack, Bite, Teeth, Ocean, Spray

Man Builds Infant Nephew Incredible "Jaws"-Themed Crib

Joseph Reginella is a sculptor and toy maker who created an incredible gift for his nephew.
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U.S. Coast Guard Crashes The Party On Marshmello’s Boat

Famous DJ Marshmello had his boat inspected unexpectedly by the U.S. Coast Guard.
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Super Yacht

Jerry Jones Recently Bought A $250 Million Super Yacht

Just before Christmas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones bought himself a yacht.
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Lit, Match, Fire, Smoke

Man Injured In Boat Explosion After Checking For Gas Leak With A Lit Match

A 60-year-old in New Zealand was seriously injured after his boat exploded while he was inspecting a potential gas leak.
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Couple Sells Everything To Buy Boat And Sail The World; Boat Sinks Day 2 Of Voyage

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh sold pretty much everything.
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