Bill To Ban Red Light Cameras Passes Senate, Waiting For Gov. Abbott's Signature

It's getting closer and closer!
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Man, Suitcase, Hotel Room, Bed

Arlington To Ban Airbnbs And Other Short-Term Rentals Across Most Of The City

You’ll no longer be able to find Airbnbs and other short-term rentals across the city of Arlington.
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Lawmaker In Hawaii Wants To Raise Minimum Age In Buying Cigarettes To 100

I mean you could also ban them
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Nebraska Elementary School Principal Bans Christmas Decorations, Puts On Leave

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China Plans To Implement A Black Mirror-Esque 'Social Credit' System

Low 'Social Credit' could get you barred from traveling on trains, flying, taking out loans, and even buying property.
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Construction Crane, Blue Sky

Soccer Fan Receives Ban From Team's Stadium, Rents Construction Crane To Watch Important Match Live

A soccer fan in Turkey was banned from his favorite team's stadium for an as-of-yet unkown reason.
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Cinemark Theaters Announce Large Bags Will Be Banned Starting This Week

Starting this week, people will no longer be allowed to bring large bags into Cinemark theaters. Cinemark's website states that they are banning packages or bags that measure larger than 12" x 12" x 6". Which would be equal to a large bag. The only exceptions to this rule will be medical bags and...
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Switzerland Just Made It Illegal To Boil Live Lobsters

Lobsters feel pain too.
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Coachella Bans Marijuana At Festival, Despite Weed Being Legal In California

Despite California recently legalizing smoking marijuana, the organizers of the Coachella Music Festival have decided that smoking weed will not be permitted in any capacity on their concert grounds this year.
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Highland Park Is The First To Ban Bike-Sharing

A new city ordinance has almost completely outlawed the bikes.
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