Back to School

8 Back-to-School Items You Need Now

Be prepared for the new school year with these essential supplies. Whether you’re heading back to the classroom or doing distance learning, these supplies will help you get ready to learn in style!
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Student Tests Positive for Coronavirus on First Day Back to School

At least one student and one school staff member in Indiana have tested positive for coronavirus, days after the state reopened schools for in-person instruction.
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Learning Hubs Seek to Stop Low-Income Kids From Falling Behind

With school starting for some public school districts in less than two weeks, nonprofit groups are forming learning ‘hubs’ to keep the achievement gap from growing even wider.
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New CDC Guidelines Strongly Advise Reopening Schools in the Fall

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention weighed in on whether or not to resume in-person class in the fall, releasing new guidelines that are in favor of reopening education and child care centers. Read more now.
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6 Tips for Parents Sending Their Kids Back to School During COVID-19

Whether your child is going back, learning from home, or both, there are steps you can take to get ready for what may be an unusual academic year. These are a few expert tips to help parents prepare for sending their kids back to school.
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‘I Will Not Sacrifice Myself!’ Teacher Shares Fears of Returning to Classrooms Amid Pandemic

A middle school teacher has shared her fears over the back-to-school debate going on throughout the United States. In a Facebook post, the teacher voiced her honest concerns.
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Nurses Ask to Be Included in Back to School Plans

There’s a call to include nurses in planning as Texas school districts make plans to reopen. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has given guidance in their recommendations for how to open schools.
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COVID-19 Cancel Your Summer Internship? Get Creative to Beef Up Your College Application

High school students often rely on summer internships, athletics, jobs or other learning opportunities to build their college applications — but many of those programs have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Woody and Buzz From Toy Story

Mom’s Back To School Photo Featuring 'Toy Story' Characters Goes Viral

A mom took an awesome photo of her daughter leaving for pre-school and decided to use her daughters' favorite toys to help make the picture even better.
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Senior Citizens Go Viral With Hilarious “Back To School” Advice

As children begin to head back to school, more and more proud parents are posting “back to school” photos of their young one’s before heading out for their first day of the new school year. One of the more popular trends has kids posing with “back to school” boards, including their name, age, class...
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