The Canadian Goose Flying

Golfer Attacked By A Goose During Tournament

During a high school golf tournament a student got a little to close to a goose.
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Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman Stabbed In Stomach While Sitting In Car

Corey Feldman was sitting in his car last night with a security guard in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley when three men approached the vehicle.
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Owl, Bird, Animal

Owl Serving As Ring Bearer Attacks Best Man During Wedding (Video)

Here's a word to the wise: Maybe don't have a bird of prey serve an important role in your wedding.
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River Otter

Woman Kayaking in Florida gets Attacked by An Otter

A 77 year old woman was attacked by an otter in Florida.
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Angry Cow Headbutts Tourist After She Began Singing "My Humps" By The Black Eyed Peas

British tourist Mellisa Meville has been traveling India when she happened upon a stray cow with a huge hump while walking back to her hotel.
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