Squirrel At The Grand Canyon Gets A Drink From Tourists

A couple visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona had quite the encounter they'll probably never forget.
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Harvard Graduation

6th Grade Teacher Asked To Be Invited To Harvard Graduation, 21 Years Later That Bright Student Makes It Reality

Teachers really do play a vital role in your children's future. Take Arizona 6th grade teacher Mrs. Judith Toensing who predicted and encouraged her sixth grade student back in 1997 to graduate from Harvard by simply writing on her report card: " It has been a joy to have you in class. Keep up the...
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Student With Autism Nails Guitar Performance

Student With Autism Performs The National Anthem On Guitar And Nails It

It was a standing ovation at a pep rally in Phoenix when a student with autism took the spotlight for the first time.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Watch As A Bobcat Battles A Rattlesnake To The Death

It's easy to understand why this video has just gone viral!
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100.3 Jack FM,Flight,Plane,UFO,Aliens,Arizona,American Airlines,Pilot,Air Traffic Control,Audio,Learjet,Dallas,Report,Sightings,Unidentified flying object,Aircraft

An American Airlines Pilot Reported A UFO While Flying Over Arizona

A nearby Learjet pilot also reported seeing an unidentified flying object at the same time.
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Greyhound Passengers Mutiny After Driver Repeatedly Falls Asleep Behind The Wheel

Passengers on a Greyhound buss traveling from Phoenix to Dallas were forced to take action when the sleepy driver refused to pull over.
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VIDEO: Harvey Weinstein Slapped At Arizona Restaurant

Weinstein was attacked while leaving a restaurant in Scottsdale.
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