89-Year-Old Grandmother Shows How to Make the Perfect ‘Quarantini’ Cocktail

An 89-year-old New Jersey grandmother has gone viral for her boozy “quarantini” cocktail recipe. Joseph Curci recorded his adorable Nana making the libation with step-by-step instructions.
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Digital Tool Allows You to Monitor Alcohol Consumption During Quarantine

Social distancing has led some Americans to drink a little more than usual. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism created a digital tool to help you keep track of how much you drink. Read more now.
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Martha Stewart Leaves Tipsy Gibberish Comment on Instagram

Martha Stewart wrote some gibberish in an Instagram comment and then later admitting she had thrown back some alcohol. Her fans quickly jumped to her side and flooded her with positive comments.
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Booze Buying Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and people continue to remain home in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus, certain industries have actually seen a rise in sales with people trying to stock their fridges and cabinets.
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Distilleries Across The Country Have Begun Making Their Own Hand Sanitizer To Hand Out For Free

By now, almost everyone has been reminded to wash their hands, and use hand sanitizer as the coronavirus continues to spread. However, with shelves at grocery stores being emptied out faster and faster, many are struggling to find any form of hand sanitizer at their local convenience store.
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White Claw Launches 3 New Summer Flavors

White Claw is gearing up for summer 2020. It’s been 16 months since the alcohol brand launched a new flavor, but they’ve made up for lost time with this latest offering. Find out what the new flavors are and when they’ll be available.
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Kelly Ripa Reveals the Simple Reason Why She Gave Up Drinking Alcohol

Kelly Ripa went from sober January to sober year-round. The ‘Live! With Kelly and Ryan’ anchor is explaining what inspired her to give up drinking alcohol. See what she had to say now.
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Prison Guard and Inmate

Guards Confiscate Gallons Of Prison Wine From Inmates Saturday Before The Big Game

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office posted a photo on Instagram of dozens of confiscated bags of prison wine the day before the Super Bowl.
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alice in chains

Alice in Chains Release Limited Edition Bourbon

Looks like Alice In Chains are getting into the liquor business!
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Man Becomes Drunk After His Belly Makes It's Own 'Beer'

A 46 year old man has something quite odd happening within his body.
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