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Frequent Flyer Expert Reveals The Two Words That Will Always Score You A Free First Class Upgrade

Tilly Bagshawe is a "New York Times" best-selling author who typically flies around 100,000 miles a year.
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Las Vegas Airport Has Now Installed Marijuana Trash Bins

What you smoke in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sorry, you can't bring your recreational drugs with you on the plane. 10 bright green "Amnesty Boxes" have been added around the Las Vegas McCarran Airport for tourists to leave behind any pot they my have in their possession before flying out. According to...
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Passenger Removed From Flight After Wearing Ten Layers Of Clothing To Avoid Baggage Fees

Ryan Carney Williams was booked on a one-way flight from Keflavik, Iceland to London, but before he could complete his journey, he was removed from his British Airways flight.v
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[VIDEO] Planes Being Blown As They Attempt To Land At Germany's Dusseldorf Airport Pilots who were landing at Germany's Dusseldorf Airport were struggling because of strong winds. In the video, you can see planes attempting to land and some had to pick up the plane to do it over or making a land. You can hear those gusty winds...
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Texas Tech Student Apprehended By TSA After Flashing "Guns Up" In Airport Line

Diana Durkin is a 19-year-old Sophomore at Texas Tech University.
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