[VIDEO] Food Truck Sets Up During Major Traffic Jam

You thought DFW traffic was bad
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Woman, Marker, Dry-Erase Board, Whiteboard

Airport Forced To Write Flight Info On Dry-Erase Board After Digital Screens Go Out

Travelers trying to venture out of Gatwick Airport in West Sussex, England after an IT failure caused a little damage to their digital display screens....they knocked them out completely.
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Man Gets Arrested For Trying To Steal A Jet To Attend A Concert

Arkansas man was detained after trying to steal a jet from an airport to attend a rap concert.
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Airplane, Airport, Take Off

Man Gets Prison Time For Calling In Bomb Threat So He Wouldn't Miss His Flight

A flight from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to Dallas was delayed a few hours after airport officials received a call about a potential bomb threat.
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Boy Pulls Prank On His Mom At Airport

This week, while waiting at the airport, one son decided it would be funny to pull a prank on his mom. With a little help from dad of course.
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Houston Airport Terminal Shut Down Because Of 'Impatient' Passenger

A passenger who has been deemed "impatient" was detained by Houston police at Bush Intercontinental Airport after supposedly making comments about explosives.
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Rhesus Macaque, Monkey

Monkey Escapes Cage And Runs Wild At San Antonio Airport

Passengers traveling through the San Antonio International Airport were treated to a series of comical events yesterday after a monkey escaped from its cage and ran wild through the airport.
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Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Brings His Emotional Support Dinosaur To The Airport In A New Promo for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

College Humor released a video about owning an emotional support dinosaur with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.
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This Airport has Flights Destined for a Galaxy Far Far Away

The Heathrow Airport in London has flights for all your favorite Star Wars destinations.
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Airplane, Snack, Food, Package

Woman Fined $500 For Carrying Free Airline Snack In Purse Through Customs

While traveling on her way home from Paris, Crystal Tadlock, along with the other passengers on her Delta flight, received a free apple as a snack from the flight attendants. She put the fruit in her carry on to save for the next leg of her journey.
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