Eddie Money Dead At 70 After Battle With Cancer

80's Hitmaker Eddie Money has died at the age of 70, confirms TMZ.
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The World's Favorite Toy Depending On The Year You Were Born

Can you remember what the fad toy of your childhood was?
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41st President George H.W. Bush Has Died At Age 94

RIP Mr. 41!
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Man In New York Has Collected Over 40K Items Of 80's Memorabilia

39 year old J.P. Annunziato from the Bronx, NY, just might be the ultimate 80's lover.
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Actress Sean Young Wanted By NYPD For Theft

This week, 80s movie star Sean Young, has gotten herself into a bit of hot water.
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Eight Things From The '80s Parents Are Keeping Alive For Their Kids

Those who grew up in the '80s knew just how great a time it was; it is our favorite decade for a reason after all!
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Free Play Is Expanding To Its Third Location In Denton

If you haven't been to Free Play, either in Richardson or in Arlington, you're missing out. If you want to relive your childhood, playing this awesome retro arcade games, this place is for you and now they're opening their third location in Denton. Do you need to bring your quarters just like in...
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[VIDEO] You Won't Believe These 80s and 90s Songs Covered In Style Of Korn

https://www.facebook.com/tensecondsongs/videos/1157351727700513/ This is actually pretty awesome! If you haven't checked out this video by Korn, you're missing out!
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