Musician Leon Redbone Passes Away

Jazz musician Leon Redbone passes away at the age 69.
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Jeopardy!, Podium, Desk, Logo

"Jeopardy!" Contestants Are Banned From Wagering “$69” During Final Jeopardy

As with most game shows and competitions, "Jeopardy!" has several rules contestants must follow in order to compete in the game.
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Richard Gere & Alejandra Silva

Actor Richard Gere Welcomes New Born Son At Age 69

A rep. for the actor confirmed that he and his wife delivered their baby boy last week in New York.
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Mile Marker, Sand, Grass, Beach Dunes

Mile Marker 69 Was Stolen So Much, The State Had To Replace It With 68.9

The state of Washington has been having a little problem lately with theft.
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Margot Kidder

Superman Actress Margot Kidder, Passes Away At 69

Actress Margot Kidder died in her home on Sunday, May 13th.
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