Brad Pitt

Three Of Brad Pitt’s Exes Were At The Golden Globe Awards

Brad Pitt managed to not run into any of his three exes who attened the Golden Globe Awards last night.
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Barbie's on display

Disney & Mattel Announce Three New Star Wars Barbie's

Disney and Mattel have partnered together to make three new Star Wars themed Barbie’s.
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National Spelling Bee

National Spelling Bee Ends In 8-Way Tie, 3 Of Those Winners Are From DFW

This is the first time since its inception that the National Spelling has ended with an 8-way tie.
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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Has Claimed The Lives of Three Visitors In Just Eight Days

According to a spokeswoman for the Grand Canyon National Park, there are on average 12 fatalities in the park per year.
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Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham Unpacks The Emotions Of '3 (The Purple Album)'

Old friends and a new child are in the fabric of the Danish band's new album
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