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LeBron James Officially Signs $154 Million With LA Lakers

On Monday, LeBron signed a four year deal with the Lakers.
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Jack's Nine @ 9, July 9th, 1987

Monday, July 9th.
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25-Year-Old Pretended To Be 17 To Get Onto Dallas High School Basketball Team

The 25-year-old is also currently facing charges of indecency with a child.
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Ben Affleck,Interview,2003,Predicted,Spotify,Netflix,Video,On Demand

[WATCH] Ben Affleck Predicted Spotify And Netflix Back In 2003

In an interview from 2003, Affleck predicted the rise of streaming.
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Polish,Academic,Interview,TV,Politics,Cat,Funny,Video,Serious,Jerzy Targalski

[VIDEO] Academic Gives Straight Faced Interview As Cat Crawls All Over His Head

Jerzy Targalski didn't miss a beat, even when his cat interrupted.
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Justin Bieber Just Got Engaged To Hailey Baldwin

Two eye witnesses claim they saw Justin pop the question.
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Nine @ 9, July 6th, 1993

Friday, July 6th.
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Woman Finds Almost 50 Brown Recluse Spiders In Her Bedroom

Her landlord said they would never be able to get rid of the spiders because they're, "just part of Nashville and the south in general.”
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'Sopranos' Prequel Movie In The Works

Alan Taylor is set to direct t he film.
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Poachers Eaten By Lions After Breaking Into Game Reserve

A pride of lions killed a group of poachers who were attempting to hunt rhinoceroses.
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