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Retro fans get their fix from JT & Billy Kidd. The DFW radio hosts talk to
the stars we know and love from the '80s and '90s. Listen to the podcast each
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milestones in music, TV, and movie history.
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Most Wanted Reunion Tours

In honor of today’s announcement that Black Crowes will be reuniting on tour, and with so many reunion and “farewell” tours coming to DFW, JT & Billy Kidd...

Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods

We all have different Thanksgiving traditions, but no Thanksgiving is complete without the proper foods. Did you know that the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621...

Top 100 Singers of All Time

Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Singers of All Time is making waves 10 years after its initial release. JT & Billy break down a little of what’s right with...

A Brief History of DFW Tornadoes

In light of the recent tornado that hit Dallas over the weekend, JT & Billy Kidd sat down for a chat on a 'brief' history of tornadoes that have impacted...