'Into the Night' Singer-Songwriter, Benny Mardones, Dead At 73

Benny Mardones, the man behind the smash 1980’s hit, ‘Into The Night passed away on Monday at 73. His death was confirmed by longtime friend and record producer Joel Diamond. Mardones died in his California home after a long battle with Parkinson’s.
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Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’

One of the most iconic albums of the 1990’s is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Saturday. Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ was released on June 13th, 1995, and fans are still jamming out to it today. The album topped the charts in 13 countries, selling over 33 million copies worldwide,...
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Sleep Expert Reveals The Ideal Room Temperature For A Good Night’s Sleep

Finding out someone you’re dating prefers to sleep with the room at a different temperature than you can be an absolute deal breaker. While many continue to debate what the perfect room temperature is for bed time, science has stepped in with an official answer.
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Mother Gives Birth To Twins Born On Separate Days In Separate Decades

Giving birth to twins is already special enough, but in the rare instances a set of twins are born on different days, it’s always an interesting fact for the kids growing up. Well, that rare instance was topped on New Year’s, as an Indiana mother gave birth to twins in two different decades.
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Rare Painting Found In Woman’s Kitchen Sold At Auction For $26.8 Million

A French senior citizen became a millionaire over the weekend after a painting discovered in her kitchen was sold at auction for $26.8 million. The painting, which is attributed to Italian painter, Cimabue, is said to have been created in the 13th century.
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New Study Says Your Meanest Friend May Be The One That Cares The Most

Everybody has that friend that they aren’t exactly sure why they are still friends with. It could be they are annoying, have different opinions, or they could just be downright mean, but have you ever wondered why you remain friends with them?
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Study Shows Spending Time With Your Mother Will Lead To Her Living Longer

Spending time with family may not be the most enjoyable experience, but it could be beneficial for everyone, especially mothers. While no one wants to hear about everything they are doing wrong, and what they should be doing instead, a new study shows spending time with your mom may lead to her...
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Military Sisters Become First Female Siblings To Be Named US Army Generals

One military family is extremely proud, as the children of the family made Army history recently. Two sisters, Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett and her younger sister, Brig. Gen. Paula Lodi have officially retained the rank of general.
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Crowd Saves 3 Year Old Boy From Deadly 6 Story Fall With Blanket

A three-year-old boy in China was saved by a crowd of onlookers, after falling from the sixth floor of a building. The crowd was able to save the boy using a blanket to catch him. The incident was captured on video.
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Man Quits His Job Using A Condolences Card

Everyone has thought about how they would quit their job if given the opportunity. Some think of leaving in a blaze of glory, confronting coworkers on their way out, but some just want a good laugh out of the unfortunate situation.
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