Terry Crews

Terry Crews Answers The Internet's Most Searched Questions About Himself

Trending #8 on YouTube today is Terry Crews auto-completed interview!
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Weird Sunburn

Sunshine + Ripped Jeans = A Super Weird Sunburn

It may only be May, but it's already getting hot in Texas. So, to kick things off, we have the very first weird sunburn of the season!!!
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Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream

Would You Eat Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ketchup ice cream...said no one ever.
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Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

Marriage Proposal Goes Viral When Kid Decides To Pee In The Background

Marriage proposals are meant to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. And it is usually due to the creative ways of proposing and the level of romance!
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Margot Kidder

Superman Actress Margot Kidder, Passes Away At 69

Actress Margot Kidder died in her home on Sunday, May 13th.
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Photo Credit: PA Images/Sipa USA

These Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Bathing Suits Are Just Weird

See why people are talking about the beard placement.
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Mother's Day

The (1) Thing Most Moms Want For "Mother's Day"

Brunch? No. Flowers? No. Their vehicle tuned up? No! Haha!
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Richard Overton

Americas Oldest Living Veteran Turned 112

Richard Overton was born in Texas in 1906 and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942.
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Sheriff Deputy

Dash Cam Shows Deputy Saving The Life Of A 3 Month Old Baby

The video of a Florida sheriff's deputy saving the life of a three-month old baby has gone viral in a matter of a day and a half.
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez And Jimmy Fallon Have A Fast Dance Off To 70s Classics

#3 Trending On YouTube is this unique Dance Off between Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon. The "Fast Dance-Off" consisted of them dancing as fast as possible to the slowest songs from the 70s! Of course, Jennifer killed it! The video will give you laughs while you get to enjoy some of her dance moves...
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