heat memes

Yep, It's Hot In Texas. Here Are The Best Heat Memes To Get You Through The Sweltering Temps

Not to be too redundant, but it's HOT! So, so, hot! How hot? Well, DFW is seeing higher temperatures this July than it's seen in years!
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Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Took His Baby Girl To Comic Con Dressed Up In The Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit

OMG! Who knew a meth cooking baby could be sooooooo stinkin' cute!?!?!?!?!
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It's The Real-Life Carl & Dug From The Movie "Up"

It's no secret that Pixar loves to make us cry. Seriously, who can actually say they didn't cry during the movie "Up"?
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Jennifer Lopez

JLo Is Back On The Big Screen With New Movie, Official Trailer For Second Act

JLo is back to star in a new movie, "Second Act" and the trailer has just released and it's looking good!
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Meet The Lady That Made Best Friends With A Bee

It's not hard to believe we can create special bonds with animals. Dogs and cats become our bestest friends easily! But... a bee? Well, believe it or not. It is possible. A woman bonded with a bee.. rescued her when she was injured with a broken leg, made a home for her and over the course of weeks...
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Crocs Introduces New Women's High Heels

Guys have had the crocs loafers to wear for a while... Now, Crocs is doing something special... for the ladies!
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airbag under his seat

Nothing To See Here...Just A Dude Setting Off An Airbag Under His Chair

It's the ole airbag under the chair trick. While hilarious in movies, not so funny in real life.
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postman caught on camera

VIDEO: Mailman In Canada Is Caught Stealing Through Security Cameras

Imagine your strawberries and tomatos disappearing from your front porch...
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Check Out This Playhouse That Looks Like A Whataburger

Been to Northpark Center lately?
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Upside-Down Jeans Are Just Plain Terrible

The world just isn't ready for inverted jeans. While they might be the wave of the future or tomorrow's latest fashion trend, there's just something unsettling about a pair of upside-down pants.
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