You’ll Never Lose Your Kids This Halloween With The Slinky Dog Costume

Parents took their toddlers to Disneyland for an early Halloween and had the best costume.
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sleepy dad

Sleepy New Dad Confuses Bundle Of Clothes With Newborn Baby

We get it, the new parent life is overwhelming and exhausting...
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Lindsay Lohan Hit In Face After Accusing Parents Of Trafficking Kids

What in the world is going on here?
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This Model Looks Like Regina George And The Internet Can’t Handle It

You might think Rachel McAdams has a doppelganger after seeing this model.
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plane lands on water

Plane Lands On Water; All 47 Passengers Survive

Unbelievable photos bring back memories of the Miracle on the Hudson.
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This Little Cottage Is Made Of Chocolate And You Can Even Stay The Night

You can reserve a two-night stay at this chocolate cottage through right now.
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doll legs

Opposition Grows To Houston "Doll" Brothel

There is growing opposition to the upcoming opening of a sex doll brothel in Houston.
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candy corn

What's The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Texas?

Without a doubt, candy is one of the most important elements of Halloween.
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little girl tap dancing

Video Of Grandfather And Granddaughter Tap Dancing Duo Recital Goes Viral

There's nothing cuter than watching a little kid dancing... except for when it involves their grandparent!
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gas sign

Florida Wins Best Billboard EVER, 797 Miles To Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is home to beaver nuggets, jerky, and the best bathrooms in Texas. So why on Earth would there be a Buc-ee's billboard in Florida?
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