Sofia Vergara Ordered By Judge to Pay Ex Almost $80,000 In Legal Fees

Sofia's ex-fiance wants to use the embryos him and Sofia planned to use for they wanted to have a baby when they were together but Sofia doesn't want him to use the embryos.
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Kirsten Bell And Dax Shepard Both Forget Anniversary

"I will never remember the date of our anniversary @daxshepard, and I know you won't either,"
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Tenacious D

Jack Black & Kyle Gass Surprised A Tenacious D Cover Band Before Their Sold Out Dallas Show

The tribute band Tenacious NR/CD contacted Tenacious D’s bass player a few months ago and invited them to their show. Both Jack Black and Kyle Gass made a surprise appearance.
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Dino Shaped Chicken Nuggets

Bridesmaid Steals The Show When She Presents Bride With Chicken Nugget Bouquet

The bridesmaid contacted Tyson food to help make a chicken nugget bouquet.
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Tyler Seguin

Dallas Stars Tyler Seguin, Home Damaged By Sundays Tornado

The Dallas Stars Center sent out a tweet letting everyone know he was okay.
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Jennifer Lawrence Got Married In Rhode Island

Jennifer Lawrence married Cooke Maroney.
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Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O’Connell Embarrasses His Kids By Singing Prince In The Car

Jerry O’Connell pulled off the best dad move ever when he started singing ‘When Doves Cry’ By Prince to both of his kids who just wanted him to stop.
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Video Of 4-Year-Old Boy Joining School Drumline Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

We love this kid!
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Forget Pizza Rat: Meet Cockroach With A Cigarette

This is one determined cockroach.
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$1000 To Watch 30 Disney Movies In 30 Days

You get a free year of Disney+ if you are picked.
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