[Video] Black Bear Breaks Into Women’s Bathroom At Hotel In Montana

Most hotels located near forests know how to keep bears away from the property, but when a bear manages to break in, and gets stuck in the bathroom, there isn’t exactly protocol on how to handle that.
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Popular Daffodil Field In California Closes Due To Too Many Instagrammers

As the world seeks to take the perfect photo, that garners the most social media interest, one popular tourist attraction in California has had enough. The owners of a California super bloom hot spot, Daffodil Hill, posted on their Facebook page, letting visitors know they are closed indefinitely.
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[Video] Man Spots A Miniature Horse On A Recent American Airlines Flight

Seeing a service animal on a plane is pretty common, as flying causes many to have anxiety. However, normally that service animal is a dog or a cat. On a recent flight, one passenger was shocked when he saw a mini horse among the passengers on a plane.
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Oklahoma City To Honor Kings Of Leon With Street Name

Many famous names have had the honor of having a street named after them. Most of the time it will happen in one’s hometown or a city with great significance to that person. Now, Oklahoma City has decided to honor a band whose roots come from the city.
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Emilia Clarke And Rose Leslie Were Robbed By Monkeys During Trip To India

Playing with monkeys is a dream experience for any animal lover. That is, until some of your things happen to go missing. ‘Game of Thrones’ co-stars, Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie, recently shared an experience from their girl’s getaway in India, and revealed while on vacation they were robbed by...
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Facial Recognition System concept.

American Airlines Launches Biometric Boarding Process for DFW Passengers

American Airlines introduces Face Recognition for Biometric Boarding at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The identity verification process matches people’s faces against a pre-existing Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) database.
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Two 18 Foot Pythons Were Captured On The Same Day In South Florida

Apparently alligators aren’t the only reptiles terrorizing Florida these days. On Monday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission captured not one, but two 18 foot long Burmese pythons.
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Airlines Offer Passengers Flexibility Ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

DALLAS ( 1080 KRLD ) - Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are among the airlines offering their passengers some flexibility as all eyes are on Tropical Storm Dorian which is blowing through the Caribbean this morning. Southwest customers flying to Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic and...
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Danish City Installs Viking-Themed Traffic Lights To Honor Heritage

Adding images to a traffic light may seem like a fun idea, but could be dangerous for drivers. Regardless, a Danish city has decided to move forward with a plan to place images of Vikings inside their traffic lights.
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Southwest Airlines planes

Southwest Airlines Agent Played Games With Passengers To Pass Time During A Flight Delay

A Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to Washington DC was delayed for 3 hours. The gate agent came up with a game to help pass the time and all the passengers loved it.
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