Ridiculous Tiny Shed In San Diego Backyard Is Available To Rent For $1,050 A Month

The tiny home movement has officially gone too far. A home in San Diego has gone viral, after making their backyard shed available for rent. The 200 square foot shed, which they are referring to as a studio apartment, can be rented out for a whopping $1,050 a month.
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[Video] Rogue Catering Vehicle Wreaks Havoc At Chicago Airport

All workers wish for some excitement during their work day, but excitement isn’t always a good thing. A catering vehicle at Chicago’s International Airport wreaked havoc recently when the vehicle, which had no driver, began doing donuts in front of an American Airlines plane.
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“Labor Inducer” Burger Has Pregnant Women Heading To Minnesota Restaurant

Almost every burger place around the country has something their burgers are known for. In every state there’s a burger chain that claims to be the biggest, the best, or the craziest burger in town, but a new burger in Minnesota is attempting to stake a new claim.
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TV Chef Claims He Was “Researching New Flavors” After Drug Arrest

Chefs are known to experiment with different flavors and combinations in order to find the perfect taste, but that doesn’t mean they can break the law to do so. A Television chef from Sicily was arrested on Saturday, and now faces drug charges after police raided his home and found a large amount...
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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Have Engagement Party in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrated their an engagement party in Los Angeles on Friday night.
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Italian Scientist Given Award For Linking Pizza To A Healthy Diet

Most people would eat pizza for every meal if they could, but fear of an unhealthy lifestyle prevents these people from living their dreams. Well, thanks to an Italian scientist, those dreams may soon become reality.
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Airbnb Is Now Offering A Pirate Ship Vacation For Only $300 A Night

Everyone at one time during their childhood dreamed of being a pirate. Well, now thanks to Airbnb, that dream can come true as an adult. The vacation rental website is now offering customers the chance to stay in a pirate ship for only $300 a night.
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Passengers in line to go through TSA

Check Out The The Best Airports In North America, DFW Ranked Fifth

Ranking scores for North American Airports have finally risen, and both DFW Internaitonal Airport and Dallas Love Field made the top ten.
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Coca-Cola Has A New Flavor, But It’s Almost Impossible To Find

Coca-Cola has attempted to release new flavors of their beloved soda many times over the years with varying success. For every vanilla coke, there’s also a New Coke that fans despise. However, Coca-Cola may have finally come up with a new flavor that is better than the rest.
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Man Drowned After Under Water Proposal To Girlfriend

Planning the perfect proposal can be extremely stressful. Whoever proposes wants to get it just right, with plenty of surprise and originality. A Louisiana man recently tried to shake things up with an underwater proposal while on vacation.
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