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Greyhound Passengers Mutiny After Driver Repeatedly Falls Asleep Behind The Wheel

Passengers on a Greyhound buss traveling from Phoenix to Dallas were forced to take action when the sleepy driver refused to pull over.
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United Offers Passenger Voucher Up To $10,000

It all started with an overbooked United flight to Austin, Texas.
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Kyle Texas Looking to Become the Pie Capital of Texas

Kyle Texas has been trying to establish itself as the pie capital of Texas
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Google Maps Is Launching A 'Wheelchair Accessible' Option

The new feature will debut in six major cities.
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Russian Cargo Plane Drops $378 Million Worth Of Gold Bars

200 bars of gold among other precious metals are scattered across a Russian airport runway.
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Elon Musk Says Everyone On His First Flight To Mars Will Probably Die

Musk recently said that there is a “good chance” the first passengers he sends to Mars won't make it.
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The Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Was Just Thrown Off A Flight For Drunkenness

Rob O'Neill was kicked off a plane on Sunday for reportedly being too drunk to fly.
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Las Vegas Airport Has Now Installed Marijuana Trash Bins

What you smoke in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sorry, you can't bring your recreational drugs with you on the plane. 10 bright green "Amnesty Boxes" have been added around the Las Vegas McCarran Airport for tourists to leave behind any pot they my have in their possession before flying out. According to...
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Airbnb Is Launching A New Service For High End Travelers

Airbnb Plus will offer stays at luxury homes across the world.
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Gassy Passenger Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

I'm sure we're all curious to know what the man ate that caused him to be so flatulent. Transavia Airlines had to make an emergency landing last week after a fight broke out on a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol. Apparently a man was passing some serious gas to the point that the passenger...
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