12 Year Old Boy Finds Dinosaur Fossils Paleontologists Are Calling “Significant”

Usually when someone comes across an interesting object buried in the ground, it ends up being garbage at best. However, a 12 year old boy in Canada recently found some fossils while on a hike that paleontologists are calling “significant.” The find led to the discovery of 30 to 50 bones in the...
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Southwest Airlines Flight Goes Viral For ‘Top Gun’ Inspired Take Off

For those that are afraid of flying, the takeoff can be a very nervous experience. Luckily, one Southwest flight attendant had a plan to make sure everyone had a smile on their face as the plane went into the air. He decided to play ‘Danger Zone,’ making everyone feel like they were in the movie ‘...
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Black Bear Surprises Guests At Theme Park Looking For Food Inside Restaurant

When a theme park in Tennessee opened up a new area recently, and named it “Black Bear Village,” they did so to celebrate the large black bear population in the area. However, they didn’t expect the village to attract actual black bears.
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Woman Returns Stolen Artifacts After 15 Years Claiming It Led To Curse

While on vacation, tourists are often on the lookout for the perfect souvenir to remember their trip. However, sometimes places ask guests not take anything with them, not only in hopes to preserve the area, but to protect visitors as well. One traveler learned that the hard way, as she recently...
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Weekend getaways get more complicated with COVID-19 restrictions

If you were planning on taking a long Columbus Day holiday weekend getaway, there are some complications to consider this year. In this age of COVID-19, you could face restrictions and quarantines going out of state and then coming back home.
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American faces prison after posting negative review of a hotel in Thailand

One American man has been sued and is facing up to two years in prison after posting a negative review of his trip to Thailand on Tripadvisor. The resort claims the reviews were ‘damaging to the reputation of the hotel.’ Read more.
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Here's how you can get paid $50,000 to travel and drink beer

Michelob ULTRA is currently in search of a CEO (a Chief Exploration Officer) to travel around some of California’s best National Parks and take scenic pictures featuring their beer.
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11,000 travelers may have been exposed to COVID-19 on airplanes: CDC

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that thousands of people may have been exposed to COVID-19 on airplanes.
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Southwest Flyers Get More Room This Upcoming Thanksgiving Travel Season

As the busy Thanksgiving travel season fast approaches, travelers flying Southwest Airlines will get extra room on their flight for a bit while longer.
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TSA Agents Pull 'Suspicious' Item From Suitcase 'Which Could Have Resulted in a Tragic Outcome'

A TSA explosives expert at JFK Airport in NYC prevented a possible mid-air disaster, after TSA officers spotted an ‘unusual suspicious item’ inside a traveler’s carry-on bag, the federal agency said Wednesday.
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