To Get Drivers To Slow Down This Texas County Is Using Cardboard Cutouts Of Officers

The Sheriffs Department in Williamson County has come up with a great way to help drivers slow down.
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Gas Station

Buc-ee’s To Open Two More Locations Here In North Texas

Two new Buc-ee's gas stations and convenience stores are set to open this year here in North Texas.
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Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Music Video Helped Bring A Record Number Of Visitors To The Louvre In 2018

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are no strangers to breaking records. The famous couple constantly sells out shows worldwide, and has large fan bases, and social media followings. When they put their name on something it usually leads to success.
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DART Is Free On New Year's Eve

Pass it on!
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Popeyes Is Helping Out Stressed Out Air Travelers By Selling 'Emotional Support Chicken' At Airport

The holiday season can be very stressful, especially those having to deal with air travel. That’s why Popeyes is rolling out a new promotion, Emotional Support Chicken, for those who need some extra relief while traveling via plane.
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Carnival Cruise Line Announces Plans To Add A Roller Coaster To New Ship

Carnival Cruise Line has once again upped the ante. No longer are simple cruise ships good enough for vacations, as companies continue to add new attractions to their ships in order to fascinate customers.
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An Entrepreneur and Author Is Using His Frequent Flyer Miles To Help People Get Home For The Holidays

Giving back during the holiday season means something different to everyone. For one man, it means making sure people get to fly home to their families free of charge. Entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman is offering up his frequent flyer miles to anyone who needs help getting home for the...
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German Town Honors Elvis Presley By Putting Images of The Singer On Their Traffic Lights

Elvis Presley was famously known for his love of the police, even pulling people over while pretending to be a police officer. Instead of a ticket, the person would get an autograph. Well now even after death, Elvis is still conducting traffic for the town of Friedberg in Germany.
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Not Switching Over To Airplane Mode Cost One Traveler $300 While Flying To The United States

On every flight, passengers are told to turn their cell phones off or switched over to airplane mode. This move has become common knowledge to many, as it is perceived to be for safety reasons.
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NYPD Saves The Day After Finding Couple's Lost Engagement Ring

Proposing to one’s girlfriend may be the most nervous time in a man’s life. For one man in New York, the nerves were too much. After getting the answer he was looking for, the man dropped the ring down a Manhattan utility grate while in Times Square.
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