That's Jacked Up

Son about to get a spanking

Texas Mom Spanks Her Son In The Street For Taking Her Car

Viral video shows how a 13-year-old learned the hard way what happens when you take your moms things without permission.
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Roast Beef Sandwich

Arby’s Will Give You A Free Sandwich Tattoo This Weekend

Arby’s is giving away free tattoos this weekend.
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Bad 3D movie

Survey Shows Every States Favorite Bad Movie, Can You Guess Texas’?

A New survey shows every states favorite bad movie.
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Wind Gusts In Colorado Sends A Port-A-Potty Flying Into The Air

[Watch] video is going viral that shows Port-a-potties flying up in the air during a random wind storm.
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Pool Side

A Lady Is Seen Shaving Her Legs In A Hotel Swimming Pool

Video was taken of a woman shaving her legs in a hotel pool.
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High School Baskatball Team

25 Year Old Posed As A Freshman and Enrolled In A Dallas High school, Even Played For The Basketball Team

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley, claimed to be displaced by hurricane Harvey and re-enrolled himself at a local high school.
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7-Eleven Microwave Blew Up After Urine Sample was Placed Inside

A woman in Colorado was issued a summons after damaging a 7-Eleven microwave with urine.
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Escaped Texas Inmate Caught Trying to Bring Back Food and Booze

Only in Texas would an inmate try to sneak chicken, sausage and whiskey back into prison. The New York Post reports that Jefferson County Sheriffs Office received a tip that inmates were escaping and crossing onto private land from the backside of the facility. Surveillance was set up and saw a...
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