Apple Unveils Series 6 Apple Watch, iPad Air, Fitness Service, and Apple One Subscription Service

Apple has unveiled a host of new products during its highly-anticipated event on September 15 including a new apple watch with a fitness service, the most powerful iPad Air, and a subscription service called Apple One. Get the full details.
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Facebook Will Pay Users to Deactivate Their Accounts Before the 2020 Election

Facebook will pay some app and Instagram users money to deactivate their accounts ahead of the 2020 election. Read more on RADIO.COM to find out how you can earn extra cash.
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Elon Musk Demonstrates Chip Implant on Pig: 'It's Kind of Like a Fitbit in Your Brain'

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk introduced pigs with computer chips in their brains in a webcast. The entrepreneur unveiled a brain chip impact that potentially could happen in humans.
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New Dating App Requires You to Have 20-Year Age Gap With Potential Mate

“Dating 20” is a brand new dating app, described by site creator David Minns as the “world’s 1st extreme age gap dating site,” where users can only match with someone 20 years younger or older than themselves.
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Zoom Outages Reported Around the United States, Service Mostly Restored

Zoom users around the United States reported outages of the popular video conferencing service on Monday morning. The tech company did not initially share the reason for the outage, but announced that it had found the cause and was working on a fix.
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Apple AirPods Are Back in Stock and Marked Down on Amazon

If you’re in the market for AirPods, now is an excellent time to buy the cordless headphones. Apple AirPods are now back in stock and have been marked down on Amazon.
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Instagram Announces New Feature to Rival TikTok

Instagram’s TikTok competitor is coming to the United States in August. Instagram, the social media app owned by Facebook, plans to launch the platform in the U.S. and more than 50 countries, reported NBC News.
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Tech Gifts for Senior Moms This Mother's Day

Help mom stay in touch. An aging expert shares some gift advice for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday. See what tech items you can give your senior parents for Mother’s Day.
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Harry Potter Fans Can Now Take Hogwarts Classes Online

Every Harry Potter fan dreams of attending a school like Hogwarts. The fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry helped shape the series’ most beloved characters, but sadly there is only so much of the curriculum that could apply to the real world.
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NASA Shares The Latest Selfie Taken By The Curiosity Rover On Mars

Here on Earth, selfies have become a necessity to marking any special occasion. Apparently, the same thing happens in space too, as the Curiosity Rover on Mars made sure to snap a picture before making a monumental climb.
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