Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns Recreate The Intro To ‘Friends’

Players for The Cleveland Browns are such big fans of the show ‘Friends’ that they recreated the intro.
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[Video] Fire Breaks Out On Field Before NFL Game

Every Sunday NFL fans want to see their favorite team start out on fire. Well Tennessee Titans fans almost got their wish yesterday, but not the way they would like. Before the game started, a pyrotechnics machine caught on fire on the field, causing stadium staff to quickly extinguish the flames.
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high school football game

Video Of High School Coach Clotheslining Streaker At A Football Game Goes Viral

Two students decided to run out on to the field during their high school football. Only one student made it off the field without getting caught.
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Dunkin logo

Dunkin’ Will Give Out Free Coffee The Day After The Cowboys Win

Every time the Dallas Cowboys win, you can pick a free medium size Coffee at Dunkin’.
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Jerry Jones

After Extending Zeke’s Contract, Jerry Jones Presented Him With A T-Shirt Saying “Zeke Who?”

Ezekiel Elliott signed his contract extension on Thursday, in celebration Cowboys owner Jerry Jones presented Zeke with a T-shirt that says “Zeke Who?” on the front and “That’s Who!” on the back.
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Helicopter equipped with camera

Rooftop Weed Operation Exposed By ‘Tour of Spain’ Race Helicopter Camera

A helicopter camera broadcasting this month’s Vuelta a España. (Tour of Spain) bike race exposes a rooftop weed operation.
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Ian Book Notre Dame Quarter Back

Cheerleader Gets Nailed With The Ball During College Football Game

During the Notre Dame-Louisville football game on Monday night, a Louisville cheerleader was hit in the face with the ball.
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Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’ Neal Managed To Get Himself Into A Smart Car

While leaving an event in New York City, the NBA legend was spotted getting into a smart car.
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Carl Weathers And Dolph Lundgren Reunite For ‘Rocky IV’ Rematch

34 years after one of the greatest boxing matches of all time, a rematch could be in the works. Carl Weathers, as Apollo Creed, and Dolph Lundgren, as Ivan Drago, faced each other in the ring at the beginning of ‘Rocky IV.’
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USWNT Player, Carli Lloyd, Considering Playing In The NFL

A woman could be playing in the NFL by next year. Soccer star, and a member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, Carli Lloyd, recently showed off her field goal kicking skills, and apparently sparked the interest of a few NFL teams.
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