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The NFL Might Get Rid Of Punt And Kick Returns

The NFL Vice President of Operations discussed the possible removal of returns on the Dan Patrick Show.
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Dolph Lundgren Seen Filming Near Rocky Statue For 'Creed 2'

Dolph Lundgren will return to the 'Rocky' series as Ivan Drago to train his son Vitor, played by Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu.
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Officially Enshrined In Smithsonian Museum

The Dallas Cowboys were the first to incorporate choreographed dance routines on the sidelines during a professional game, and shortly after, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders became a national and cultural icon.
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The Simpsons Predicted The Mens Curling Final

The Simpsons did it again. Did anyone predict that Team USA would take home the gold, in curling? Well The Simpsons did, way back in 2010. In season 21 episode “Boy Meets Curl,” Marge and Homer form a mixed curling team, and end up going to the Winter Olympics taking home the gold. In reality Team...
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Nearly Naked Pink Tutu-Wearing Streaker Crashes Olympic Speed Skating Event

Here's something you don't see everyday...
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German Figure Skater Under Fire For Skating To The 'Schindler's List' Sound Track

Nicole Schott performed her program Thursday in Pyeongchang to the score of 'Schindler's List.'
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Jimmy Fallon and Chloe Kim Photobomb Unsuspecting Olympics Fans

Fallon even sported a wig and beanie to look like Chloe Kim.
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Mark Cuban Fined $600,000 for By NBA for Tanking Comments

Mark Cuban's had a tough week. The NBA has fined Cuban $600,000 after comments he made on Sunday night during an interview on Julius Erving's "House Call With Dr. J" podcast. Cuban told Erving that he met with the team for dinner and told them that "losing is our best option" in order to get a...
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Olympic Figure Skater Performs Heavy Metal Routine to AC/DC

We finally found someone who can rock out on the ice. Hungary figure skater Ivette Toth took to the ice Wednesday night, and encapsulated the audience with some good old fashioned rock n' roll. She performed to the classic Back in Black and Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Toth even stuck out of the crowd,...
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How Elizabeth Swaney Schemed Her Way Into The Most Average Olympics Performance In History

Everybody knows the Olympics joke that resurfaces every time a new game is on the horizon, right? "We wish there was an average person competing along these athletes to prove just how amazing they are."
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