Police Jokingly Offer To Help Dispose Of “Highly Addictive” Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most addicting substances is making its way back to the streets; Girl Scout cookies. As Girl Scouts begin to set up around the country to sell the beloved cookies, many are just hoping they can resist over buying this year.
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After A Year Long Hiatus, Sweethearts Are Back Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

The best part of Valentine’s Day has to be all the candy handed out by admirers. Sure, it’s nice to be loved but it’s even better to be given sweets. Sadly, last year was the first time in 118 years the holiday was celebrated without Sweethearts’ conversation hearts.
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Oreo Announces The Return Of “Most Stuf” Cookies, The Cookie With More Filling Than Any Other

Oreo won’t stop until the entire world is full of “Stuf.” The beloved cookie brand announced this week the return of the Oreo “Most Stuf” cookies. For a limited time, the cookies filled with more crème filling than any other cookie offered by the brand, will be available.
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Cheetos Officially Names The Cheesy Dust Left Behind On Fingers

Anyone who has enjoyed the Cheetos has experienced the annoyingly sticky cheesy dust that coats the iconic snack getting stuck to their fingertips. While this inconvenient phenomenon has always come with eating Cheetos, many could never identify what to call their cheesy fingers.
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California Man Ordered A Waffle Maker On Amazon, Only To Receive One With Old Waffle Inside

There may be no better feeling than when an Amazon package gets delivered on time with no issues. Sadly for one California man, he didn’t get that experience after receiving a waffle maker for Christmas only for it to be delivered with an old crusty waffle inside.
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Girl Scouts Announce New “Lemon-Ups” Cookie That Come With Positive Affirmations

Girl Scout Cookie season is finally here, and there is a new addition to the lineup that has fans very excited. While all the classics will still be available, a new lemon flavored cookie is here to deliver flavor and a positive message.
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Woman Tries To Sell Chicken Tender She Claims Looks Like A Manatee Online For $5,000

For many people, setting the price on something they find valuable can be very difficult. No one wants to admit something they cherish isn’t worth what most would pay for it. That’s why a woman in Florida has gone viral after attempting to sell a chicken strip she claims looks like a manatee online...
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 Kiss member Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley Rejoins Forces With PUMA For A New Featured Collection

KISS frontman Paul Stanley‘s latest signature Puma sneaker recently launched and has all-new sizes available, including smaller sizes for women.
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There Is Now A ‘Stranger Things’ Pinball Machine That Screams 80’s Nostalgia

The Netflix series, ‘Stranger Things,’ knows a thing or two about 80’s nostalgia, and now the hit show that uses the beloved decade in their plot has been turned into a classic 80’s game; pinball. It was announced recently that Stern Pinball will be producing a ‘Stranger Things’ pinball machine.
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Blockbuster Is Making A Shocking Comeback With Millennial Focused Pop Up Shop

2020 is only a few weeks away, but the 1990’s are back and going stronger than ever. Nostalgia has fully taken over pop culture with movies, products and style reminiscent of the decade. Now, another beloved item from the 90’s is making a comeback, but not in the way you’d expect.
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