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Frisco's Genius

Learn About Frisco's 12-Year-Old Genius

Frisco 12-year-old Vivek Abraham has been talented with mathematics since age 4, became interested in astronomy and physics at age 5, and by age 7, Vivek decided on a career in astrophysics.
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12 Foot Gator "Taken Into Custody" After Stopping Traffic On A Highway

Cleveland police officers got a call in the middle of the night about a nearly 12-foot alligator in the middle of Highway 59 stopping traffic. Now, the video of the "arrest" of the animal they've nicknamed George has gone viral online. “We were joking about should we read him his rights or things...
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Monkey Dressed As A Little Girl

Performing Monkey Dressed As A Little Girl Is Simply Terrifying

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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Teenager's "Promposal" Turns Into An Actual Marriage Proposal

We have the pictures and video!
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Man Arrested For Practicing Karate on Park Swans

The man was arrested for animal cruelty charges.
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Guys Just Won Prom With Their Snazzy Suits

These Guys Just Won Prom With Their Snazzy Suits

Normally, prom fashion is allllllll about the the dress. However, we've found a group of guys who are flipping stereotypical fashion commentary on it's head.
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Drunk Girl

Extremely Drunk Girl Tries To Order A Round Of Drinks At The DJ Booth

Drunk people are the best! Assuming they don't get into cars or hurt themselves and / or other people.
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 Maternity Shoot

Mom-To-Be Doesn't Want To Do A Maternity Shoot, So Dad Steps In

In this day and age, it's pretty common for a pregnant mom to show off the baby bump with a photo shoot.
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Marathon, Texas Is Home To The World's Smallest Target

Marathon, Texas Is Home To The World's Smallest Target

It's always fun to learn a little something new about the great state of Texas!
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Bali,Vacation,12-year-old,Boy,Steal,Credit Card,Mom,Mother,Fly,Minor,Adventure,100.3 Jack FM

12-Year-Old Boy Steals Mother's Credit Card Then Flies To Bali For A Luxury Vacation

After a fight with his mother, this boy from Sydney decided to take a vacation, on her dime.
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