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Hostess Mermaid Cupcakes: Everybody Is Talking About Them

We're not sure if we're disgusted or excited...
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Waiter Returns $424,000 Cashier’s Check To Customer That Left Without Tipping

A waiter in New York is being praised after returning a cashier’s check for $424,000 he found while cleaning off a table. Even more surprising, the lady who left the large check behind also left the restaurant without tipping him.
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Guy Holding Natural Light Beer

Natty Light Is Seeking College Students For Their Summer Internship Program

Natural Light posted a video asking for college students to apply for their summer internship program.
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Why Your Dog Follows You To The Toilet And Other Doggy Behaviors Explained

Anyone with a dog knows an owner will obsess over every weird behavior their dogs do. Whether it’s cute or questionable, they always wonder what it actually means. Here are some things dogs do, and the reason why they do it.
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Lee Majors Claims That HE Picked Out The Iconic Farrah Fawcett Poster

For years Farrah Fawcett lived on the walls of countless teenagers. Her iconic poster is said to be the number one selling poster of all time. Now Fawcett’s ex-husband, Lee Majors, is claiming he is the one that picked it out.
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Femur Bone

Man Finds Human Femur Bone While Out Fishing In North Texas

While fishing in the Brazos River, a man discovered a human bone floating next to him.
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[Video] Sign Language Interpreter Rocks Out During Live Performance

Music is for everybody, even those who can’t hear it. Music festivals have been stepping up for their deaf audience members, as many have begun bringing in sign language interpreters.
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Piano & Flower

The 10 Most Requested Rock Songs At Funerals

The 2019 list for the most requested songs played at funerals revealed.
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Adults with emoji faces

“I Adulted” Calendar Rewards Adults With Stickers For Completing Simple Tasks

Amazon now sells a calendar that rewards adults with stickers for completing everyday tasks.
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WWII Vet Wants To Celebrate His 100 Birthday With 100 Cards

Birthdays are special no matter what age you reach. That’s why the Mayflower Retirement Home wanted to do something special for one of their favorite residents. They posted a message on Facebook hoping to get Ray Painter 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday.
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