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Patti Smith

Watch Patti Smith Perform A Cover Of Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’

While making her Tonight Show debut signer Patti Smith talked about her new book and gave a memorable performance of Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’.
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David Stern

David Stern Former Commissioner Of The NBA Passes Away At Age 77

Former NBA commissioner David Stern passed away on New Year’s Day.
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Crowd Surfing

Punk Rock Band Destroys Denny’s Banquet Room After Performing Impromptu Show

Los Angeles based punk band WACKO played an impromptu show at a Denny’s. Their fans started a mosh pit and destroyed the banquet room.
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The Top 10 Jack-fm Stories Of 2019

We give you the Top 10 Stories of 2019 on 1003. Jack-fm! These are the stories that dominated with the most views on and were major hits on social media. Enjoy! #10 North Texas Couple Go All Out With KISS Themed Halloween Decorations This family from Keller goes all out every year...
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Guy with a jet pack

Man Breaks Record Speed For Customized Jet Pack Suit

A British inventor built his own jet pack and set a new record for the fastest speed in a jet pack.
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Kyle Larson and Katelyn Larson

NASCAR Drivers Wife Shotguns A Beer During Award Shows

During the NASCAR Awards show in Nashville, Tennessee NASCAR driver Kyle Larson’s wife shotgunned a beer in the middle of the awards show.
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Queen performing at the Academy Awards

List Of Queens Best Live Performances

A list comprised of some of Queens best live performances.
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Rick Astley

Rick Astley Releases A New Piano Version Of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

Rick Astley has released a slow piano version of his hit song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.
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John Lennon

John Lennon’s Least Favorite Beatles Song Was A Knock Off Elvis Song

Lennon revealed to Rolling Stone in 1970 that he borrowed lyrics from this Elvis song and used them for a Beatles song.
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Albino Catfish

Man Caught A Record Breaking Albino Catfish

A man from England was fish in Spain when he reeled in a massive Catfish.
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