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Selma Blair From "Cruel Intentions" Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

"I am in the thick of it, but I hope to give some hope to others."
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Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell

Miranda Cosgrove And Josh Peck Reunite For A Drake & Josh Reunion

YouTube vlogger David Dobrik got in touch with Miranda Cosgrove just to surprise her old co-star.
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Betty White, Smile

Get Your Hands On Limited Edition Golden Girls Cereal!

Now you can finally have Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia over for breakfast. You can now also have them for breakfast!
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Movie Theater, Screen, White Screen

MoviePass Parent Company Under Investigation For Fraud

It really is true. What seems too good to be true, usually is.
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Adam Sandler, Suit, Smile, Talk Show

Adidas Unveils Fashion Line Dedicated To Adam Sandler's “The Waterboy”

Bobby Boucher is the greatest college football player of all time nobody seems to talk about.
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Chris Pratt, Suit, Red Carpet, Smile

Chris Pratt Shares Baby Picture Where He Looks Exactly Like Chucky

Chris Pratt is no doubt a handsome fella, but even the most beautiful people go through an awkward phase.
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Alien, Xenomorph, Mask, Alien Vs Predator

Couple Recreates “Alien” For Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Todd Cameron was around 12-years-old when he watched "Alien" for the first time.
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Michael Myers, Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween

"Michael Myers" Actor Learned Killing Advice From A Professional Killer

James Jude Courtney is a 61-year-old actor, and though he himself might not be a household name, you've certainly heard of his latest character.
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Photo Credit: Xinhua/Sipa USA

Watch As Dozens Of Inflatable Dinosaurs Dance To 'Jurassic Park' Theme

It's truly mesmerizing.
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Andrew Dice Clay, Stand Up, Microphone, Cigarette

Andrew Dice Clay To Star In Upcoming Documentary Of His Life

The world's most dangerous comedian is getting the documentary treatment.
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