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What's Coming And Going: Netflix May 2019

There's some good stuff on the way!
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'Avengers: Endgame' Does Not Have The Traditional Post-Credits Scene

Save yourself some time!
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Kids at a movie theater

AMC Theaters Offering $4 Kids Deal This Summer That Includes Tickets, Snacks & Drinks

AMC has just announced a great deal that they'll be offering for kids this summer.
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Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Recreate 80s Hit 'Spin Me Round (Like A Record)' And It's Epically Accurate

Jimmy Fallon had special guest and current star in 'Avengers: Endgame' Paul Rudd on "The Tonight Show."
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Game of Thrones, Iron Throne, Replica, Knight School of Welding, 2019

“Game Of Thrones” And Ice Ice Baby Is The Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s not often "Game of Thrones" and Vanilla Ice are brought up together.
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Spider-Man, Costume, Dark Background, Isolated, Presentation, 2019

Watching "Spider-Man" Can Help Cure Arachnophobia, Study Finds

If you are suffering from arachnophobia, there is only one man you need to see: Peter Parker.
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David Harbour, Hellboy, Red Carpet, New York Screening, 2019

Movie Theater Next To A Church And A School Changes Name Of “Hellboy” To “Heckboy”

A small Tennessee movie theater doesn’t like advertising words that might seem profane.
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[Video] Matthew McConaughey At Whataburger Might Be The Most Texan Thing Ever

There are a number of things that are inherently Texan. Blue bonnets, BBQ, Cowboys, and many more, but the two most Texan things may just be Whataburger, and Matthew McConaughey. Combine the two, and you may just find the most Texan thing of all time.
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Release Date Announced For Martin Scorsese’s New Bob Dylan Documentary

Soon the world will be able to relive one of the most iconic rock tours of all time. Netflix announced on Thursday the release date for Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated Bob Dylan documentary. The film will tell the story of Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue tour.
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Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss From “Storage Wars” Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident

"Storage Wars" star Barry Weiss, was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon after being involved in a serious motorcycle accident.
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