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Fan Spots A ‘Big Lebowski’ Easter Egg In The First ‘Iron Man’ Movie

It has been over 10 years since ‘Iron Man’ first hit theaters, yet fans are still finding new Easter eggs in the film that helped launch the Marvel universe. Now, a new hidden gem was spotted by a fan and it’ll make another huge movie fan base happy as well.
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Sharon Stone Is Calling Out The Bumble Dating App After Her Account Was Reported Fake

Dating can be a pretty awkward experience, no matter what the scenario is. This is why dating apps have become more popular than ever. Thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble, a date is just a swipe away, unless of course you’re a celebrity.
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Johnny Knoxville Has Shocking Reunion With Man That Kicked Him 20 Years Ago On ‘Jackass’

For most men, the thought of getting hit below the belt is enough to send them into a state of queasiness, but for Johnny Knoxville it’s just another day at the office. The actor spent years taking shots to the private parts on ‘Jackass,’ and apparently inspired some along the way.
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James Corden Reveals Which Celebrity Is The “Rudest” He Ever Met

Any television host that interviews guests knows having some celebrities on the couch is better than others. Still, it’s rare that a host reveals which guests are the best and worst. Now, James Corden has broken the mold, revealing which celebrity he found to be rude.
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Zac Efron Was Hospitalized With Life Threatening Illness Before Christmas

For most, traveling to Papua New Guinea for the holidays sounds like an incredible experience, but for Zac Enron it is one he will probably not want to forget. While filming a new documentary the actor suffered a life threatening illness right before Christmas.
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Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Be Made By Marvel Studios

Ever since Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox earlier this year, comic book fans have been patiently waiting to hear the fate of their beloved heroes. It was unknown which characters previously owned by Fox, would be going over to Disney, which owns Marvel Studios as well.
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'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Producer Dies On Christmas Day

Lee Mendelson produced over 50 Charlie Brown TV specials.
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Tom Hanks Is Now An Honorary Greek Citizen

Well tell you how this happened.
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Kevin Smith Reveals His 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Cameo

And the story about how J.J. Abrams gave him the cameo is even better.
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Ice Cube

Ice Cube Says It's Back To The Drawing Board For ‘Last Friday’

Ice Cube recently sent out a tweet saying that New Line Cinema didn’t move fast enough with the script for ‘Last Friday’. It will now have to be re-worked following the death of actor John Witherspoon.
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