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Keanu Reeves To Return As Neo In Now Official ‘Matrix 4’

The year of Keanu Reeves continues, as the actor is set to reprise arguably his most iconic role. Picture Group announced on Tuesday ‘The Matrix’ will return for a fourth installment.
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See Johnny Flynn’s Transformation Into David Bowie For New Biopic

The first step in any good biopic is making sure the actor looks the part. With all the music biopics that have come out recently, it was only a matter of time until David Bowie got the movie treatment.
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Upcoming James Bond Film Gets Official Title And New Logo

The 25th James Bond film may be coming out next year, but the super-spy has no plans on dying any time soon. While controversy has surrounded the filming of ‘Bond 25’ the newest installment in the series finally has a title, and fans are ready to get on board.
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Check Out The Newest Trailer For ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

At 73 years old, Sylvester Stallone can’t stop beating up anyone that crosses his path. With only one month left until John Rambo returns to the big screen, the newest trailer for ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ has been released.
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ESP Guitars Is Selling Five Custom Godzilla Guitars For $52,000

Godzilla has been featured on plenty of merchandising items over the years, but a new entry may be the most impressive, and by far the most expensive. Toho and ESP guitars have created a custom Godzilla guitar based on 2016’s ‘Shin Godzilla.’
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Rob Schneider’s “Makin’ Copies” Character From SNL Returns To TV

Everyone believes the most annoying person in their office is the worst coworker possible, but nothing can top what Rob Schneider brought to the world during his time on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ On Monday’s episode of David Spade’s new Comedy Central Show, ‘Lights Out,’ Schneider brought back his...
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"I think this is probably the scariest episode out of all of them," - Angela Chase On Typewriter Episode 4

On this week's episode Angela and Billy discuss episode 4 of new TV series on Netflix, Typewriter.
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Pennywise Doll Falls From The Sky And Into A couples Yard, They Immediately Burn It

While enjoying the weather outside, a couple in New Jersey was surprised when a Pennywise doll From ‘IT’ fell from the sky and landed in their yard.
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Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur

You Can Now Stay In A Golden Girls Inspired AirBnB In Ardmore, Oklahoma

The homeowner bought the house back in 1999 but recently renovated the home to look more like Blanche's house from the Golden Girls.
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Aladdin lamp

Watch Robin Willams And The Aladdin Cast In The Recording Booth

New Blu-Ray release of the 1992 animated film Aladdin features never before seen voiceover booth recordings of the cast, including the beloved Robin Williams. Catch a sneak peek.
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