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Ghostface To Return To The Big Screen As New ‘Scream’ Movie Is Currently In The Works

While remakes and reboots are all the rage in Hollywood right now, horror movies have been making sequels for years. Now, one of the most iconic horror film series is returning to the big screen.
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James Dean, Dead Since 1955, To Star In Movie Using CGI

Advancements in technology have given life to artists who are no longer with us in incredible ways throughout the years. Thanks to holograms, beloved performers have returned to the stage posthumously.
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George Michael’s First Posthumous Song Released For Upcoming Film, ‘Last Christmas’

It has been three years since George Michael passed away, but thanks to the upcoming movie, ‘Last Christmas,’ a new song will be released by the artist posthumously. The new song, ‘This Is How (We Want You to Get High),’ was finished by Michael in late 2015.
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Harald Kloser, Roland Emmerich, Jeff Goldblum

‘Independence Day’ Director Says He Regrets Making The Sequel

Director Roland Emmerich said in a recent interview that he regrets making the sequel to ‘Independence Day’.
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David Letterman, Ice Cube And More Honor John Witherspoon At The Actor’s Funeral

John Witherspoon passed away on October 29th, and on Tuesday Hollywood came out to celebrate the late actor’s life at his memorial service. In attendance was David Letterman, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and many others who worked with Witherspoon throughout the years.
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Fans Critical Of ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ As Show Gets Roasted On Twitter

‘The Little Mermaid Live’ finally aired on ABC Tuesday night, but once the highly anticipated live adaptation of the Disney classic hit the stage, fans were quick to critique the production.
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"They're starting to really wrap things up in this episode," Angela Chase On Minhunter Episode 8

On this week's episode Angela and Billy discuss episode 8 of season two of Netflix series, Mindhunter.
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Joaquin Phoenix

Tourists Are Flocking To The Staircase Featured In ‘Joker’ And The Locals Aren’t Happy

‘Joker’ is one of the highest grossing films of the year, and has tourists flocking to locations seen in the movie.
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Navigation App Waze Brings Back Cookie Monster To Voice Directions

The robotic voice that comes with most navigation apps can be very annoying while driving. Many navigation companies have experienced with using different voices, sometimes using celebrity voices, but the robot voice remains constant.
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Stephen King Finally Heard ‘Baby Shark’ And Now Can’t Get It Out Of His Head

It has been three years since ‘Baby Shark’ first began torturing the ears of people everywhere. Most would assume just about everyone has heard the addictively annoying children’s song, but one man managed to avoid it all this time.
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